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LanParty #12 - Easter Break and That's Amore

From: Friday 21 April 2000
To: Saturday 22 April 2000
Where: Oscar's Humble Abode
Attendance: Oscar
Highest: Easily Hunters Pentium 3 600 with 288mb ram, 20gb hard drive, and a GeForce..
Lowest: Tyson's Pentium II 266 with an Intel 740 Video Card
Games Played: Typically Action Quake 2 was played a fair bit as usual, as was Quake3. However a large amount of time was spent playing Counter-Strike, and also Unreal Tourney was played for a bit.

To certain peoples relief starcraft was not also played to death, possibly only one game for the whole night. So apart from a brief starcraft game and all the different first person shooting games there were small forays into NFS5: Porche 2000, Rollcage and Tetrinet.
Network: On the technical side this LAN was be best yet with not one but three servers. Frenchie's trusty Intel 233 Linux box Gromit serving files, playing mp3's, and providing internet access (when needed), Tyson's K6-2 350 Linux server Moris was going to have the Quake 2 and 3 servers on it but we never got around to setting them up, and Byte's soon to be Windows 2000 Server Celeron 433 Norm_2000 (only with 98 tho) running the Unreal Tourney server. These may seem like a bit of an overkill and many agree, but they were availiable so why not?

Now with 3 servers (all with 10/100 network cards) and 9 clients (5 with 10/100 cards) you want some decent networking hardware to link them all together. Making their first appearance at a LAN were Hunter's 10/100 8-port mini-switch and Byte's 10/100 8-port switch (of which Frenchie and Tyson are also going to get). So the network rocked!
Comments: This was going to be one of the biggest LAN's we have ever had with a possible 12 people going to turn up. But Jack decided not to come and Don and Friend didn't have any transport in from Cranbourne. So with only 9 people instead of 12 we took full use of the tables that Byte borrowed from from his church and had heaps of room to spread out.

One of the last things to mention is that we did not go for the standard LAN meal, the Pizza. We decided to have something different, although not as fiddly as burritos were that time, and have a barbecue. A simple matter of combining cooked sausages, hamburgers, and onion with bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and the stray piece of salad provided a satisfactory meal.

And the final item? Due to unexplainable circumstances (read Oscar being a complete and utter idiot) the LAN finished slightly (read whole day) earlier than expected.
Byte's Car with Byte's two computers, Frenchie's two computers and all the food.
Early On. Anticlockwise around the table from left we have Byte, Mik, Aidz, Ocsar, Hunter, Cosmo, and The Rock.
Another early Shot. Clockwise from bottom we have Mik, Hunter, The Rock, Cosmo, Aidz, and Oscar.
Feeling thirsty?
Hmmm.. Barbecue...
The servers in the laundry. From left we have Moris, Norm_2000, monitor switch for Norm_2000 and Gromit, and finally Gromit.
Sometime during the night...
Someone looking at PrOn.
One of the numerous games of Action that were played...
A misc shot that show's Cosmo's desktop, Oscar dead in Action, Adiz and Mik presumeably playing Action, Tyson poking his eye, and Byte crouched behind his and Frenchie's small can tower.
It's morning and Mik is packing up to go to work. We see Tyson playing TetriNet, Oscar's good old Mac behind the fan, and the servers out in the laundry.
Byte's CNet PowerSwitch CNSH-800. Of which Frenchie and Tyson now also have purchased.
Hunter's TrendNet TE100-S88E.
Mik in the kitchen not wanting to be photographed.
Cosmo alseep on his keyboard.
Hunter asleep in his chair.
The pack up begins. (Also the first signs of picture damage due to somebody opening the camera when trying to replace the battery...)
All the computers packed up except for Tyson. (The film damage is a lot more obvious now.)
Computers actually arranged in Byte's car for the journey back. The computers are (from left) Byte, Norm_2000, Frenchie, and Gromit. (Spot the film damage anyone?)
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