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LanParty #13 - More of a leech session...

From: Tuesday 4 July 2000
To: Wednesday 5 July 2000
Where: Byte's Living Room / Kitchen Area
Attendance: Byte
Highest: Byte's Althon Thunderbird 700 but also of note was Paul's dual Celeron 433 system.
Lowest: Frenchie's AMD K6-2 350 or Cosmo's Celeron 300 running at 375Mhz
Games Played: Now since there was a cable modem present not many games were in fact played, people opting instead to leech from each other and the net for the majority of the night. Roughly 4gb was downloaded over the duration of this LAN...

The actual games that were played between the people present were Counter-Strike, Quake 3, five minutes of Revolt between Mik and Frenchie, and some Diablo 2 between Cosmo and Rock. Aside from that there was quite a bit of Counter-Strike played on internet servers through the cable modem by The Rock, Cosmo, and Mik. At one stage all three were getting sub 100 pings while Frenchie was downloading stuff at 300k/sec...
Network: Following on from the last LAN this network was the fastest and most organised so far and was comprised of of two 10/100 8 port CNet switches. Connected to the first switch were Frenchie, Byte, Oscar, The Rock, Mik, linux server Gromit, Byte's home server Norm_4, and the other switch which served Oscar (only person with only 10Mbit) and Paul.

But the most dramatic difference between the network here and at previous LAN's is that this is the first one with a cable modem which influenced the amount of games that were played.
Comments: The previous times we have been at Byte's it had been a matter of setting up the computers on whatever tables were availiable, generally a huge jumble. This time however the back section of Byte's living/kitchen area was cleared out except for a sideboard with the stereo on it, a bookshelf, and the computer desk with the family computer and Byte's server. A table layout had been previously worked out that intended to fit in 12 people. This was seriously wrong but as we only had 7 people all was fine and a new layout was planned that could fit 12 people for a future event...

Again a BBQ was held which was very tasty...

Shot of Cosmo, Rock, Oscar and Mik heavily engrossed in a game of Quake 3
Frenchie and Oscar watching Cosmo do something while Paul is walking behind Rock
Mik and his yellow headphones doing a thing while Byte contemplates the great mysteries
Mik collecting his stuff halfway through packing up
Almost fully packed up...
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