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LanParty #11 - Finally One At Frenchie's

From: Monday January 10 2000
To: Tuesday January 11 2000
Where: Frenchie's Residence
Attendance: Frenchie
Highest: Mik's K6-2 450 with 16Mb TNT
Lowest: Brock's Penitum 233MMX (running at 200) with Frenchie's old 12mb Voodoo2
Games Played: We did eventually play some good ole Action Quake2 with some Quake3, Unreal Tournament, Rouge Spear, and again some Midtown Madness to even out the mix.
Network: Nothing spectacular. Frenchie's 8 port 10mbit hub.
Comments: Finally an event is held at Frenchie's. It was planned to be an eight person event but Don and his friend Brother of Brat-Features (Brat-Features being an acquaintance of Don's) piked at the last moment. Well BoBF had to work and as he was supplying transport from Cranbourne and a computer for Don to use, Don also couldn't appear.

For a change some hardware tampering did occur with Brock borrowing Frenchie's old Voodoo2 and Frenchie borrowing Brock's TV Tuner card, but this was all. Mik and Scott spend quite a while fiddling with 3dsmax and The Rock spent hours looking at the collection of PrOn.

Everyone has arrived and their computers have been set up. Cosmo's computer is very noticeable in the front of the image with his 19" beast.
Oscar and The Rock are doing something while Mik sets up and Brock's computer is open in the foreground for extraction of a tv card and insertion of a Voodoo2.
Clockwise from top left we have Oscar and The Rock deeply involved in Rouge Spear, Cosmo pondering the meaning of the universe or waiting for windows to load, and Mik objecting to or applauding the Rouge Spear action.
Mik. Near the front door.
Brock. Asleep at the beginning of the LAN.
The Rock. Laughing or Choking.
The Rock again. This time looking at PrOn.
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