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Team Stats

The MR LAN team is ranked in the top 2200 out of 12,214 registered teams in the RSA Labs' 64bit RC5 Encryption Challenge.
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What is

"As a "loosely knit" group of computer users from all over the world, we take up challenges and run projects which require a lot of computing power. We solve these by utilizing the combined idle processing cycles of our members' computers. That's why we are called "". Our more official name is Distributed Computing Technologies Inc. (or DCTI in short)."

The client only uses your cpu's idle cycles. So most people leave it running all the time (reccommeded for 600mhz cpu's and faster only)


Join the MR LAN team

Download the client by clicking on the cow ->

Once you have been running the client for a few days your email address will register with the statistics server and you can see how you are going.

It's at this point you can join our team. Click here to join MR LAN


The prize for the RSA Labs' 64bit RC5 Encryption Challenge

RSA Labs is offering a US$10,000 prize to the group that wins this contest. The distribution of the cash will be as follows:

$1000 to the winner
$1000 to the winner's team
$6000 to a non-profit organization, decided by vote
$2000 to<link to dnet> for building the network and supplying the code

General Links Pertaining to RC5

RSA Data Security Challenge home page
RSA Labs' Cryptography FAQ
Detailed papers (PS and tex) describing the RC5 algorithm
RFC 2040: The RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithms