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LanParty #15 - Worms Rule!

From: Wednesday January 3 2001
To: Thursday January 4 2001
Where: Frenchie's Residence
Attendance: Frenchie
Highest: Hard to exactly say but there were a couple of Duron's around the 700 mark with a GeForce DDR and a couple of GeForce2 MX's.
Lowest: Maybe Eraser's comp which we believe may have been a K6-2 350 with some video card.
Games Played: It seems that this lan the only games that were played were Action Quake, Quake 3, and at least 5 hours or so of Worms Armageddon. Towards the end of the Worms Armageddon run we were playing the rounds with no weapons or utilities except for unlimited holy grenades and super sheep.
Network: Since Frenchie had not yet got around to networking his house which would enable the servers to be left upstairs and each switch to be plugged into a wall socket the network layout was almost the same as the previous lan here with the use of Frenchie and Byte's 8 port switches and MooMoo's 5 port switch.
Comments: For a lan that was sort of organised the night before it was successful but although the list above has 11 people on it the maximum present at any stage was 9. All except for Eraser and Byte arrived in the afternoon but Dragonball and Snuffy left in the early evening before Eraser turned up and then he also left before Byte turned up.

A first for a lan was that we utilised MooMoo's webcam/digital camera for taking photos as we couldn't be bothered getting a film and them loading it into a real camera. As such the photos are not the usual quality.
Shot of Oscar, MooMoo and Mik playing Action Quake
MooMoo and Mik in the dark foreground again playing Action Quake
Snuffy, Dragonball and Oscar doing things.
Too many to list standing or sitting doing unidentified things.
In the late morning we have Mik doing something.
Around about the same time we have Byte doing suspicious things to Frenchie's computer.
And some computers without owners...
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