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LanParty #14 - Playing Games. What A Novelty...

From: Monday September 25 2000
To: Tuesday September 26 2000
Where: Frenchie's Residence
Attendance: Frenchie
Highest: Hunter's Duron 700 @ 900 or so with a GeForce2 GTS. Altough there were a few other duron 650 and 700's runing around about the 850 mark.
Lowest: Simon's AMD K6-2 450 with Frenchie's old Voodoo2.
Games Played: Unlike the previous LAN at Byte's there were a fair few games of Action Quake 2, Quake 3, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, Rollcage 2, and even Starlancer played between the people actually present. This can be attributed to the absence of a decent internet connection.
Network: The network this time actually comprised of three 10/100 8 port switches but only two were really used. Frenchie's switch was placed place at one end of the room and connected to Frenchie, Rail, Raprex, Simon and Gromit while Hunter's switch was placed at the other end of the room and connected to Oscar, Cosmo, Hunter, Mik, Rock, and Titan. The third switch, Byte's, was used for the short time Tim and Fuzz, and the even shorter time that Dragonball and Snuffalupagus were there to connect them to the network.

Gromit, Frenchie's trusty Linux box which is a regular feature, was present at this LAN and did it's traditional duties of playing MP3's, connecting to the internet, running the DHCP server, and sharing files. Titan however made it's first appearence at a LAN and is Hunter's Linux box which is currently using his previous motherboard and cpu, a Pentium III 600 or so, and was content with simply being a file server for Hunter's 13gb or so ftp...
Comments: This was a far better LAN than the previous one at Frenchie's as almost all the furniture was moved out of his 8.5m by 4.5m lounge room and five tables from Byte's church arranged to seat 11 people and another table for the short time while Dragonball and Snuffalupagus were present. It was worked out that if absolutely all the furiture was moved out except for the wall unit, which can't really be moved anyway, four tables would fit along one wall to seat approximately 10 in comfort and one table on each of the other walls to seat another 6 people with heaps of room to move around.

On the food front a BBQ was held which again was very good...
Sometime during the Lan we have Simon on the left and Mik, Fuzz, and Oscar watching The Rock do something...
Gromit nestled in the corner on the shelf next to the stereo.
Now at some other time we have Fuzz clutching his head, Byte looking around, and Simon pondering the universe while having a beer.
Packing up are (clockwise from left) Cosmo, Hunter, Mik, The Rock, and possibly Raprex.
Taken before the Lan we have the empty tables...
The same tables from a different angle.
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