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LanParty #16 - At Last Another Lan...

From: Tuesday 3 July 2001
To: Wednesday 4 July 2001
Where: Oscar's Place
Attendance: Oscar
Highest: Rock's brand new 1.4GHz Athlon with a 64mb GeForce2 GTR PRO DDR
Lowest: Gazz's system since he brought along a BookPC with some kind of Celeron and using the onboard video and sound in the Intel 810 chipset
Games Played: Along side the old faithful of Action Quake and Quake 3 some new games were played. These include a long co-op game of Serios Sam, quite a few rounds of Worms World Party, Cops and Robbers multiplayer of Midtown Madness 2, and quite a bit of Operation Flashpoint which was largely playing around with new missions that Hunter was working out how to make. There was also an aborted attempt at Hidden and Dangerous but the combination of it not working under Win2k and needing to work out too many controls put an end to that.
Network: For this lan two 8 port 10/100 C-Net switches were used in the main room as well as a small 10MBit/s hub in Oscar's room to link up Gromit and Oscar's cable modem router.

For the first time there was a minimum of network problems as Frenchie setup Dynamic DNS to go with Gromit's DHCP server so that by simply using DHCP everyone could resolve the name of everyone else and also access the internet.
Comments: We, Oscar and Frenchie, decided that for this LAN no food would be provided. Everyone was to bring their own snacks and drinks and we also planned to order pizza's. This ended up being a lot easier even though we did provide cans of coke.

All up the first LAN at Oscar's new place went well and used tables from Frenchie's scout hall up the road which may possibly be the location of a big LAN...
Cosmo (on the left) and Oscar (hand on the right) playing some Operation Flashpoint. Rock's Leg can also be seen and he appears to be watching Oscar's screen.
A view of the rest of the room that gives an idea of the layout. Yes that is a network cable crossing the room via the light fitting...
Cosmo, Rock and Oscar playing some good ole Starcraft. At the back is Hunter's 21" monitor. Definitely a monstrosity when compared to Frenchie's humble 15" next to it.
Some empty tables. Must have been taken during setup due to the lack of rubbish.
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