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LanParty #10 - First of the new millenium

From: Monday January 3 2000
To: Tuesday January 4 2000
Where: The Rock's Residence
Attendance: Rock
Highest: Byte's AMD K6-3 450 with TNT2 or The Rock's Pentium II 450 with a 12mb Voodoo2.
Lowest: Cosmo's Celeron 300 with TNT or Oscar's Pentium 300 with Voodoo2.
Games Played: The usual Starcraft and Action Quake were played along with the new additions of Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Midtown Madness, and Rouge Spear.
Network: Again the standard 10mbit network was run...
Comments: Our first LAN of the new millenium. (that's it for the millenium crap)
Oscar watching Cosmo while waiting for his computer to do something. Do not have a clue as to what the "men's program" is...
The Room. Table Tennis tables are perfect aren't they? We have (clockwise) Byte at The Rock's brand new PC, Byte's PC, Mik and his PC, Frenchie's PC, Gromit the good ole Linux server (note IR reciever for mp3's on top of monitor), Cosmo's 19" monitor and case, and finally Oscar's naked PC.
Byte. Funnily enough he is asleep and not just mucking about.
Frenchie. Asleep.
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