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Evento Quattro

From: 12:00 pm on 16 November 2002
To: 05:00 pm on 17 November 2002
Berger Biscram
Byte Cape_Horn
CheepThrillz ChewyChewbopin'
christophercles Cosmo Kramer
Cwej CyberFelon
Decarbonizer deorbit
Dero Devilstator
DonIE frankie
Fraser Frenchie
Greven Grim Panda
hawkeye Jester
Luke_M lump
Mars melbournian
milord Mixo
mojo MonKeY-WreNcH
mortuus Mr_Grim
Oven_fry Phongy
Raven Rocket Ryder
Scape Shaddow Stalker
SIth spamt3k
Spooky SuperBeast
talman The Penguin
TheOne Top Gun
vaej Visser
Comments: It can be said that apart from a few issues the LAN was a complete success with a total of 52 players.

The change of location combined with the unexpected number of people intruduced a first for one of our LAN's, power problems. We must have been smoking something good when we were planning the event to think that we could run 60 people from a total of three 15A circuits. Once the amps per computer fell below 1A things started to go wrong and we ended up running cables across to the other hall.

The first competition that was run was BF1942 and due to the power issues and then a delay with the pizzas it didn't actually start until 10PM or so. Map Operation Battle Axe was played with the winner of each round being the team with the most tickets, the overall winner of two cases of Jolt (24 bottles) and five 25 cd spindles was team Gimp.

Our other comp was Worms World Party. A couple of knockout rounds were run and then a six player match, that ended up going for a few hours, was played. Phongy was the eventual winner of the tube of Chupa Cups.

Since we had planned to have other comps we actually had prizes left over, a window kit and a tri-lite fan, to be used at the next event...

We were close to organising a bunch of switches with gigabit uplinks for the event but instead we made do with three 24 port and one 16 port 10/100 switches. It performed surprisingly well considering the amount of traffic.

A timelapse video of part of the event, the laptop we were using was playing up, is available...

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