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Evento Cinque

From: 12:00 pm on 22 February 2003
To: 12:00 pm on 23 February 2003
11101101 Antos
b0n3j0r Bender
Biscram BloodlusT
Byte Cape_Horn
ChewyChewbopin' Crab
Cwej DonIE
Frenchie Greven
hacker hawkeye
Hydro Jester
Kane locutus
Manny G Mars
Mik MiltonTheGoat
mojo Mordain
Mr_Grim nrky
nup Oven
Pondy Pvt Vanguard
Raven RockeT
Schwein Shaddow Stalker
shorty SIth
Smokey SmOkEyTk
Spooky SuperBeast
SyZyGy talman
Thrillz tokyoSTATION
Twisted XiTatiON
Comments: While not as sucessful as Evento Quatro we ended up having 40 people which meant we managed to break even.

Hopefully the lower numbers can be partially attributed to the stuffing around with dates and venues prior to the event. The new hall turned out to be ok with heaps of space and not a single power problem, unlike last time...

We only managed to run two of the competitions we had planned...
  • Shorty, Pondy, Raven, Smokey and Milton defeated SmokeyTK, CWEJ, Talman, Mars and Mik in the Counter-Strike comp to win themselves an everglide mouse pad each
  • Raven and Mr_Grim teamed up in the Worms World Party comp to take home a Tri-Lite fan and a window kit
Timelapse video (8.6MB)
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