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Mid Year 2002

From: 12:00 pm on 20 July 2002
To: 12:00 pm on 21 July 2002
-|- Hurgh -|- Amit_G
Andy AnToNiC
BloodlusT BootROM
Byte Cape_Horn
CheepThrillz ChewyChewbopin'
chokolatemousse Cosmo Kramer
db deorbit
Devil dragon
frankie Frenchie
frenzy G
Graf|x hawkeye
HeliDude Im the Man
klix Krayzie
Lord Hellespont lump
Mars Mifferz
Mik Mixo
mojo neo_arab
oscar Phongy
redbears Refugee
RoMaNiAC Seige
Shaddow Stalker Snoob_1
ssnake talman
Zip |3K|
Comments: As could be forseen WarCraft 3 was basically played for the entire LAN. Some people did get in a couple of hours of the old favourite Counter-Strike while others kept playing WarCraft 3. A few sessions of Worms World Party, Quake 3 Arena, and the Quake3 mod Military Forces, that kept crashing out for a few people, were also played. Network: A big thanks to Hurgh for bringing along his two 24 port 10/100 switches and a whole bunch of power boards, although putting his boards on the table bank that held the admins, support and some others wasn't a good idea when Hurgh wanted to leave...

Frenchie was again able to bring along the nice 24 port 3com from his work which along with two small 8 port switches allowed plenty of network ports for all. However we did encounter lagging a couple of times when the 3com appeared to get flooded, rebooting it fixed the problem. Comments: Overall the LAN was a success, although due to certain people registering and then not turning up (AnToNiC, Devil, Im THe Man, Shaddow Stalker, Snnob_1, ssnake)we ended up having to dip into the money left over from the previous lan and to include the leftover brinks and meat to technically break even. So all up we had 32 people turn up and stay for various lengths of time.

The barbecue was good but until we can get more people to help us organise prior to the lan it probably won't happen again, back to pizzas...
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