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Again At The Scout Hall

From: 12:00 pm on 2 March 2002
To: 12:00 pm on 3 March 2002
anj Baboon
BloodlusT Bogan^Man
Byte CheepThrillz
ChewyChewbopin' Cosmo Kramer
Frankie Frenchie
frenzy G
GoldenGun golem2
gotenks Greenman
hawkeye HaXus
Mik mojo
nrky PalmHeal
Prim4TiV3 Shaddow Stalker
Shantra talman
TheRev WhiTe
Comments: The usual variety of Counter-Strike, Quake3, Unreal Tournament and Worms World Party were played as was C&C Renegade for the first time. Network: Again Frenchie borrowed the 24 port 10/100 Switch from his work. The people on the first table bank, the servers, and uplinks from the other four 8 port 10/100 switches (one at each end of the other table banks - provided by Byte, Mojo, Paul from RP and Frenchie) all connected here.

As usual Frenchie's linux box, Gromit, provided DHCP and DNS services to the network as well as playing and sharing MP3's. Byte's DVD box, in a spiffy new micro case provided some dedicated servers as did Mojo's server box. Comments: Our biggest LAN so far with 27 people turning up. This number was achieved by listing the LAN on AusGamers which meant that we also got a few people that we didn't know. All up the LAN was a success.
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