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Our first big event

From: 12:00 pm on 1 December 2001
To: 12:00 pm on 2 December 2001
Comments: The now obligatory Counter-Strike was played for a time as was Action Quake 2 by a few people. Almost everyone joined into a game of Return to Castle Wolfenstien and towards the end a few big games of Worms World Party were played. Midtown Madness 2 and GTA2 were also played for a time.

Courtesy of Frenchie's work was a 24 port 10/100 switch which the majority of people and the server were connected to. The rest of the people were connected through an 8 port 10/100 switch.

Providing DHCP, DNS and file sharing services was Frenchie's linux box. Byte's DVD box served some files and also at times ran Counterstrike and Return to Castle Wolfenstien dedicated servers while Diab's box (he sent he box along with Moo Moo) was swamped by people trying to copy as much of his impressive software collection as they could. Moo Moo's linux Action Quake 2 server performed it's function for a while as well.

Being the first LAN we have had in a hall we were expecting a lot more problems than we actually had. Mainly tables and power issues... But now we can say that there would easily be room for 48 people (providing we could get enough tables and 12 computers won't overload a 15A circuit...)

In planning the LAN we allowed for a maximum of 24 people and actually had to say no to a few people. We only ended up with 19. This was thanks to Oscar and Mik both turning up for visits without their computers, a couple of canellations, and a couple of people who expressed interest but just didn't show...

There is a timelapse video (6MB) of the LAN for people to look at...
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