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LanParty #2 - Curse of the N64

From: Sometime late November 1998
To: The day after commencement
Where: Oscar's Humble Abode
Attendance: Oscar
Highest: Not sure... but there were definitely Intel, AMD, and possibly Cyrix 300Mhz processors there.
Lowest: Frenchie's old Cyrix P200MX that Don used.
Games Played: One large disappointment was the Nintendo 64. Seven powerfull computers ready to play all sorts of network games and what is played for a few hours? Goldeneye....
Network: Frenchie's 8 port 10mbit hub.
Comments: We were astounded by the perfect size of Oscar's table tennis table. Eight computers fit nicely with cases on or off the floor (on preferred) and the majority of cabling is tucked out of the way underneath.
That table is just perfect isn't it?
Cosmo (on left) just takes computer games, in this case an arcade game running on callus or mame, so seriously that he gets possessed.
Temporarily drawn away by the evil N64...
Oscar (left) and Don enjoying that evil console...
Tyson sleeping peacefully, for the time being...
It was in this pose that Byte did eventually fall asleep.
One of numerous shots of Tyson's car filled with gear...
Shot from the rear showing the precision that needed to be used in order to fit it all in.
Tyson and his sardine can of computers.
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