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LanParty #3 - A New Year Dawned

From: Sometime January 1999
To: The next day
Where: Byte's Living Room / Kitchen Area
Attendance: Byte
Highest: Debate will rage over the winner between Byte's Cyrix M2-300 and Tyson's Pentium-II 233...
Lowest: Phong's Humble Pentium 90
Games Played: Who can remember?
Network: Unfortunately Tyson had ceased working at a place where he could borrow hubs though I am unsure as to whether he had bought one for himself intime for this LAN so we may have been running on coaxial cable (hmm..).
Comments: This LAN was moderately more sucessfull than the previous one although again a disproportionate amount of time was spent not playing games. Specifically altering the partitions on Phong's hard drive and creating a program that looked like a BSOD.
Tyson asleep in an oh so comfortable position.
Byte looking like he wants to go to sleep.
Felix asleep.
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