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LanParty #7 - Mad rush for LAN Action

From: Tuesday July 7 1999 3:00 pm
To: Wednesday July 8 1999 9:00 am
Where: Mik's Place
Attendance: Mik
Highest: Byte's AMD K6-3 450 with a Riva 128 or TNT
Lowest: Oscar's Pentium-II 300 with Voodoo2
Games Played: A fair bit of action was played plus some other games...
Network: The first time that Gromit, Frenchie's Pentium 233MMX linux server, made an appearance, although a large amount of time was spent reinstalling it due to a faulty hard drive...
Comments: Hurriedly put together on the Tuesday morning this Lan was a moderate success although it was a fair squeeze getting everyone into the room.
Here we have (circling around from top left) Frenchie, Byte, Cosmo Kramer, Oscar and Hunter.
From the other side we have (again from top left) Oscar, Hunter, and the back of our host's head.
Early in the event (notice the daylight) before Cosmo has arrived we have Byte asleep on his computer and Oscar and Mik doing something.
Oscar, presumably playing a game of Quake2...
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